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Why Custom Pickguards for Guitars

Custom Pickguards are the easiest and most cost effective way to say something and or express yourself on your guitar. At $39.99 you just can’t find a lower cost way to put art on a guitar. Here at we UV Print your images on PVC Plastic at up to 1440 Dots Per Inch. UV Printing is the state of the art for printing. It will not fade or easily scratch.

Another great thing about a custom pickguard for your guitar is that it preserves your original factory pickguard. Once you’ve installed your new custom pickguard, put your original pickguard in the envelope your custom pickguard from came in, and put it somewhere for safe keeping. That way in the event you elect to sell your guitar your original pickguard will be preserved and your guitar will look like new.

Whether it’s a Telecaster, a Stratocaster, or an acoustic guitar, it’s not that hard to remove and replace your pickguard. A few screws and it comes right off and the new custom pickguard is easily installed. Or if you’re replacing your stick on acoustic guitar pickguard, you’ll get the best results if you use a hair blow dryer to heat up the glue behind the pickguard, and then it should just peel right off. We’ve found Murphys Oil Soap works best to clean up your guitar and get it ready for your new custom pickguard. Or just use warm water and a soft cloth to clean up your guitar surface.

Thank you for considering for a custom pickguard for your guitar. We think you’re going to like the quality of our UV Printing. It’s super easy to upload your images and use our drag, rotate and sizing editing tools on