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Sell Your Art Here on The ArtRepreneur MarketPlace (page under construction)

*We Store Your Images Off Line to Protect Your Intellectual Property”

Artist, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Digital Artist, Owners of Copyrighted Images: Sell Your Art & Images Here on We’re working on an Artist Agreement and a Decreasing Commission Scale, But You Set The Price. Please Stay Tuned!

You Set The Price

Consignment Commission:

$2-5.00 @ 50/50 split

$5-10.00 @ 70/30 split

$10-50.00 @ 75/25 split

$50-500.00 @ 80/20 split

$500 and up 85/15 split
(in all examples the smaller number goes to

Artist Consignment Agreement (DRAFT):

The Parties, Kincaid Upchurch Printing Inc., doing business as and herein referred to as, and You The Registered User herein referred to as Artist, Mutually Agree to the following Special Terms And Conditions to License & Consign Images For Sale on

1.) Artist represents that Artist has any and all Permissions Required and/or Ownership of any and all Images Consigned For Sale to and In The Event said Permission and/or Ownership is ever challenged by any and all Third Parties, Artist shall in all events Indemnify, Defend and Hold Harmless from any and all claims of Loss, Damages, Property Rights Infringements, Royalties including but not limited to Reasonable and UnReasonable Legal Cost, Fees & Bonds.

2.) Artist shall set the price on said Consigned Images and once a Retail Transaction has occurred on, and only after successfully completing said transaction, the funds minus the agreed upon commission due to shall be immediately transferred to Artist’s designated financial entity. This is a One Time Use Licensing Agreement exclusively for Users

3.) In The Event of any and all Disputes between the Parties, The Venue of Litigation shall be Hamilton County, Indiana, USA. In the event of a dispute between the Parties, The Prevailing Party shall be entitled to recover any and all cost and or damages.

4.) shall take all reasonable precautionary measures to protect Artist’s intellectual property. Artist’s images shall be watermarked online and stored offline on secured servers.